Durafix Easyweld will work with propane, butane, mapp, oxyacetylene or any

fuel source as long as the material is brought up to 389'C ( 732'F ) before applying the rod. 

The material must be cleaned with a stainless steel brush only. 

Unlike conventional aluminium welding techniques, brazing with Durafix Easyweld is very simple. There is only one rod type, which works on all grades and alloys of aluminium. 

You do not need to identify the specific alloy or choose a brazing filler to match. All you need are the parts to be repaired, the Durafix Easyweld rods and a heat source. Just follow these four steps for a perfect brazed repair.




Brush surface of the part to be repaired thoroughly under heat to break up the surface coating of aluminium oxide.
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